The election

I’ve held my tongue online about my political beliefs all election but I will say this: I am proud of the Americans that got out, voted and sought to maintain our values of equality, tolerance and acceptance for all. We are a country built on strength and resilience and times are hard. The voters, including myself, have spoken. You may not agree, which is your absolute right in the best country in

┬áthe world, but what will be the downfall of this country is not the ELECTED leader. It is the hatred and distasteful comments that circulate. We’re like children on the playground who bicker over who goes down the slide first. If you want to change America, do it. Complaining on facebook, vowing to “move to Canada” or posting ridiculously inaccurate depictions of current events is not the way to do it. Be an American, “be the change you want to see” and remember that we are all in this together.