Starting is always the hardest


There’s millions upon millions of pages on the internet, pages full of almost everything imaginable. But even with all of those pages, sometimes it still feels so lonely. When I was diagnosed with my second, yes second, chronic pain condition, I searched the internet fervently for pages with people to relate to. I wanted someone to talk to! Someone who could relate and say:

“It’s okay, I understand, I’ve been there” 

But I couldn’t find them. Yes, there’s tons of support groups, thousands of information pages full of generic information or people equally as lost as I am. But that’s not what I wanted. I want someone to vent to, to cry to, to compare emotions and feel…normal again. Because let’s be honest, anyone with a disease (I hate that word) or medical condition knows that family and friends can only say/help/listen for so long before you both get frustrated. Anyway, I looked and I looked, and I commented on blogs and I searched some more and it’s really hard to find other people in their 20s that are battling a rare condition (Occipital Neuralgia) and wants to talk about it. So here I am, talking.

But I am not my conditions. I am not my pain. As my bio states, I am an RN, a writer, an avid reader and a frequent visitor of Tex-Mex restaurants and bakery supply stores. So this blog will talk about my daily issues with young yet feeling so old but it will also show recipes (I loooove to bake) and book reviews and healthy tips I’ve come across (35 lbs down…30 ish to go?), along with daily rants about who knows what. I invite you to part take on my journey, walk with me as I fight with this diagnosis, recover from surgeries, stumble through my relationship with the best man I’ve ever met, and attempt to train the most ornery siberian husky ever. It will be fun, I hope you’ll come back 🙂