Handling the Holidays

My version of the Holiday season has definitely been varied over the years. The only consistency has been the inconsistency that the holidays have often brought throughout my life. That being said, I wouldn’t change a single year. Some years were spent with family, others with friends and even a few were spent with just my sister and I, with the memories spanning across several states and many, many houses. Even with the chaos that surrounds this time of year, the holiday season has always felt magical to me, even when I’ve been crazy broke or crazy busy or very ill (thank you month-long pneumonia, three years ago). Perhaps it’s the changing of seasons and sense of a fresh start that the impending new year brings or maybe it’s the hours of Lifetime Christmas movies that start playing on Thanksgiving Day, but there is something about this time of year that makes almost anything seem possible.


As we gather for dinners, shop for presents and attempt to stay sane while surrounded by nosey family members, remember the magic. Beautiful music, random acts of kindness, peaceful nights and catching up with old friends make up for the craziness that can ensue. And when the stress gets too much, remember the simple things. For me, that’s playing with my little pugs who never hold grudges or get grumpy and are always happy to see me.



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